Types of the High Speed Internet Service Providers

The understanding of the types of the internet providers is not compulsory but by knowing them, you will be able to understand more about the advantages and the disadvantages of the services providers before purchasing any of it. There are 4 main internet service providers; DSL satellite provider, cable satellite provider, satellite internet services and the wireless internet access.

DSL or digital subscriber line is a type of a technology that connects the computer to the internet through the existing copper phone line wiring in an area. This connection is digital, hence you can use your phone while still connecting to the internet. It is 50 times faster than the normal dial up connection and is widely used in the internet world. It also offers more consistent bandwidth compared with the cable modems but it depends on the condition of the existing wiring in your area.

Cable service provider in the other hand is the fastest satellite provider among the rest. This cable connection is the same connection with the television cable. It is easily accessible if the area that you are living is covered by the major cable companies. By comparison, this type of connection is actually 70 times much faster than the dial up connection.

We often hear the terms of WiFi, wireless internet broadband and EV-DO. Those are the types of services under the wireless internet provider. It is 35 times much faster than the dial up connection and the easiest service to get since it is the most popular service right now. You can get direct access to any wireless internet services in your house, the hospitals, coffee shops or even in the libraries that have installed this service. This is a good satellite internet provider if you are a frequent traveler and always need an internet connection.

The most expensive service provider would be the satellite services. The only reason for you to subscribe the satellite satellite provider is that; if there is no other connection available in that area that you are staying. This could happen to a very remote area or a rural area that do not have cable or DSL connections. It is much faster than the dial up connection; therefore the subscribers do not take the price as a major obstacle for them to get connected to the cyber world.

Test Broadband Speed

Broadband speeds are not all the same. In most cases, the actual speed experienced by the consumer does not coincide with the speed as claimed by the internet service provider. Actually, the speed stated on the brochure defines the fastest that you can have. Most of the time, consumers do not get to experience this bandwidth (speed). This is because the actual internet speed that a consumer has is largely determined by several factors.

These factors include your distance from the internet tower that sends off the signal (the nearer you are, the faster your speed is) and the saturation (the more users there are, the slower your speed is). If you are curious to know about your actual bandwidth, you actually can check on some sites that offer speed testing for DSL and cable internet. Some of them are paid but many are for free.

Running the test is very simple and does not require any downloads. Most of the speed test portals have easy to understand graphical interface and doing the test basically starts with simply clicking on a button usually found below the speedometer image. The speed test may be completed in less than a minute and a result window will pop up right away giving you your actual bandwidth.

The most common issue that consumers encounter in utilizing the service comes with high restrictions set with the firewall. When the blocking option is set very high the firewall usually blocks the speed test site. When this happens, you may reset your firewall to allow the particular site.

5 Important Areas Affected by Internet Speed

Internet speed plays a huge role in your browsing experience on the web and whether you are using the internet connection for your personal needs or for business needs, you definitely want to have a smooth and pleasant experience every time. Nothing is more frustrating than page loadings that take forever to finish or buffering that won’t let you watch your favorite movie or music video smoothly. As a business, you cannot afford to have slow speeds if you want to have highest productivity at the end of the day. It makes it very important to choose an internet provider who is trustworthy in reception and internet speeds. There are so many areas that slow speeds can drastically affect and they include the following:

Downloading – The internet speed you currently have will determine how quick you get to download visual and audio files, software updates as well as programs. They are all very important to internet users and as an internet user, you deserve nothing short of downloads that are easy and fast.

Uploading – Similar to downloading, when uploading files, whether they are visual or audio, videos and photos, your internet speed will determine how swift the process is made for you. They can also affect compression and resolution making high speeds very important. Delays will cost you time and if you run a business you know how precious time can be in hitting your daily targets.

Streaming – This is another area that can be frustrated by low internet speeds. To stream audio files and videos smoothly and without the annoying buffering issues that many people face, then you would need to ensure that you have high speeds. It really gets frustrating when a file load stops halfway and seems to be stuck there forcing you to restart the entire thread.

Browsing – When browsing web pages, it is the dream of every internet user to enjoy fast page loads and experience fewer or no screen freezes. Good high internet speeds should not interfere with how long it takes to load pages regardless of how many tabs or windows are open. As a user you should not be forced to close some of your important tabs in an effort to speed up the internet.

Telephone access – Modern technological developments have made it possible to make phone calls right from your computer without needing phone lines. The internet speed you are running on however, determines how smooth the calls are. You therefore want to have higher speeds, especially if the calls you make are business related making them important for your business and your customers or clients alike.

The advantages of high internet speeds cannot be ignored from a personal level to a business level. You might need to be willing to pay a little higher to enjoy faster speeds, but it makes it all worth it at the end of the day because you will not be frustrated when getting things done on the internet at home or at work.