Mobile Broadband Plans and the 5 GB Limit

As the world rushes head long into becoming more and more mobile and as more employment becomes the virtual variety, an increasing number of people will be looking into mobile broadband plans. Mobile broadband plans when combined with a wireless data card will allow just about anyone with a laptop to plug into the internet from anywhere and cruise just like they were in front of their computer at home. The mobile broadband plans come in a number of shapes, sizes and flavors, but a common theme among them is the 5 GB (GigiByte) data limit that has been imposed.

The big question in relation to the 5 GB is “What does it mean to me? How much time on the internet is that?” Let’s face it, it’s confusing, it’s not like we have anything like an odometer on our computers telling us how much we are using and it would be pointless if we did, since home internet connections have no limit these days. So let’s dive into the numbers and see if we can clear up some of the confusion.

I’m sure it will not surprise you that mobile broadband plans come in a variety of prices for 5 Gb of data, ranging from a low of $39.00 per month to a high of $59.00. How much of a data stream is your money buying you? Below is a chart that might help, each line equals 5 GB.

  1. Email with a 3 MB attachment. (You can send 1,706 of those)
  2. Web page lookup (150k) (You can perform about 34,000)
  3. Lo-resolution photos (500k) (Over 20,000 of these)
  4. Mp3 downloads (1,280 songs)

OK so your still confused and have no idea how much of each of these you use. Then let’s really simplify it. A 5GB limit on data will last the average person for about 250 hours of browsing or up to 20 hours of streaming video¬†

Now that you know how big the basket is, let’s see just how much the basket is going to cost. Every provider has a different pricing plan and below is a breakdown of the more popular providers.

  • T-Mobile at the moment appears to be the cheapest of the providers, coming in at $39.00/month, but that is only if you have a phone with them, if not it jumps to $49.00/month. This may seem like a lot until you notice that T-Mobile doesn’t charge over usage fees if you exceed the 5 GB, they simply slow down the 3G connection to 2G speeds.
  • Verizon has pretty much the same setup, except they charge $10.00 per GB over usage fees.
  • Sprint has a 5 GB limit on their 3G networks and unlimited usage on their 4G network at a cost of $59.00/month. Thing is 4G is not that widespread yet so you will more than likely be using 3G most of the time and be tied to the 5 GB limit, also there is a 5 cent per megabyte over usage fee as well.

As you can see the data usage is just one aspect of mobile broadband plans and as usual the devil is in the details, so choose wisely. There is little worse than opening up your cell phone bill to see that the cost of your data plan doubled because of those movies you just had to download. As another word of caution, just remember that these plans can change in a heartbeat, similar to the cell phone plans. The prices and details mentioned above are just guidelines and you will want to re-verify them.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Cable Broadband

Cable broadband is undoubtedly becoming the main connection of choice for many users nowadays. This type of internet service relies on the data sent and received by the cable provider. Since many companies are offering this service, a lot of subscribers are taking interest of this option because of its several advantages.

This, of course, doesn’t denote that the technology is perfect and it’s the best way to access the web. There are certain benefits and drawbacks that come with cable internet. This article intends to show you both sides of the coin so read on:


One big contributing factor why cable internet is a huge hit among many is its impressive speed. There are services that offer up to 12Mbps and so surfing the web can be a real pleasure. Watching videos via streaming sites, playing online games and downloading heavy files can be an enjoyable experience.

Even when compared with DSL or wireless connection, it’s pretty evident that cable broadband performs much better. Dropped connection is not too common and they usually only happen during network updates.

On top of that, you can go for a bundle package if you want to save some money. You can have cable internet, cable TV, and a landline with this deal. Subscribing to a single provider can definitely be a cost-effective idea.


Of course, cable broadband is not a perfect system. For example, users commonly complain about the bad bandwidth during peak hours. The speed can sometimes go lower than the promised performance and this is completely unavoidable at times.

If you want to increase your connection’s speed, then you may have to subscribe with premium packages. This may mean higher monthly charges in the long run. You may also be annoyed to find out that installation fees can be very expensive if there aren’t any existing coaxial cable lines in your location. Also, take note that the neighborhood shares the same bandwidth from the cable line. That implies that too many subscribers to the same provider can make the connection weaker.

These are some of the factors you should consider before deciding whether cable broadband is right for you. Feel free to ask around and visit with different internet providers in your area so you can get detailed information about their offers. Finding the best package for cable internet doesn’t have to be a pain if you know the right questions to ask. You’ll be better capable of evaluating options that way and you’ll surely end up with the best package.

Cheap Broadband Connections Are a Rage Now

As work pressure in businesses and offices have increased, mere internet broadband connection is not enough. One needs to have uninterrupted and error free connectivity at all times. This is the only thing that can help in such cases i.e. opting for business broadband, from a very reputed company. They can ensure an efficient network in a competitive environment. Such networks have great speed and service. The costs of them are also quite low. Commerce and business are growing and IT networking is very important to improve its efficiency.

What benefits do these companies offer?

The companies devoted to these services are delivering, special broadband connections for both medium and small businesses. They can help customers avail the fastest broadband internet speeds.

Many dedicated broadband packages are offered by them to the customers, so that great quality work can be ensured. They are often quite cheap and affordable.

The corporate customers are provided with absolutely super fast connection.

A variety of features are offered by these companies. The packages are often quite reasonable.

Not only are the internet connections dependable, but also promises of great service quality commitment.

Why are these broadband companies growing?

Not only is high speed internet, but also cheap prices are to be kept in mind while deciding upon a single internet plan.

These plans suit various business needs, according to the size of the businesses.

They can also provide a symmetrical speed for both upload and download.

The online technical support awarded is also great.

The customer relationships managers are also available at all time, for assistance.

Internet world has been completely metamorphosed, by the introduction of more new businesses. The working of these organizations has also changed. So, cheap broadband deals, are an easy and in fact the best way to deal with the problems of businesses. These broadband companies charge a minimum amount and provide the best services which can optimize the expenses incurred. In order to manage the various bills that keep on pounding, this is the first step. Moreover, more work can also be ensured if the speed improves. They would be able to reach out to more number of people and places. These broadband companies, offer cheap deals, but great internet speed. They understand the depth and extent of the business world, and offer steady and uninhibited service. Moreover, the basic installation charges are also not taken into consideration. With the lowest fares and great monthly plans, they offer very speedy connections. The upload and download speeds are also quite high.

Limits are set in the beginning. The customer care services are also superb. Depending on the line and exchange, services up to 20 Mega are offered to the consumers. Therefore, these cheap and flexible services are perfect for businesses that have 1 – 8 users. With the help of an internet access right and a smooth network, performing businesses, come off as cakewalk. Within a minute, various works can be performed, leading to the growth of the business. Many companies devoted to these services, are here for many years and they have understood the market. As the business world is growing and competitions are tough, easy and cheap internet connections are the easy way out.